July 14, 2016. Sisters. Very wonderful, smart, funny, nonvoilent, sweet, rides well. Up to date on vaccines. Micro chipped. 100% cuties! I m looking for someone who will be able to take nice care of these girls. Someone who could give them the time they need to be dogs, and not inside all the time. When I bought them, I had another person living with me, but now its only me and it s very diffic...
July 14,2016. Sisters. Lovable, loving, smart, nonviolent, loves to cuddle, handsome riders. All around nice mannered dogs. I got them when they were 2 mons old. I had a person living with me, and now it s only me. It s becoming too hard and stressful for me to take care of them. I really hope someone will love these girls and treat them like they need to be treated.
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